52 years experience in electronics...

1969: Establishment of parent company with industrial automation electronics.
1974: Manufacturing of innovative light projectors for vessels.
1980: Manufacturing of the first "compact" DC/AC inverter.
1984: Manufacturing the first wireless remote controlled search light.
1992: The first universal GSM hands free kit in the international market.
1997: The first miniature high power switching power supply for GSM.
2002: The first LED spotlight (1st gen.)
2006: The first waterproof power LED (3rd gen.)
2008: First digital high power LED dimmer in compact size.
2009: First multivoltage low tension G4 LED 12 & 24V DC.
2010: First universal light spot for multivoltage bulb 12/24/110/220V.
2011: The first multivoltage AC/DC driver for MR16 bulb.
2011: First transparent high performance 360º E27 LED bulb.
2012: First ultra high brightness swimming pool bulb.
2012: First to market LED bulb R7S with 360º beam.
2013: First dimmable E27 with 1350 Lm with just 12W consumption.
2014: The highest efficiency consumer bulb with 120 Lm/watt anr CRI 92!
2015: First slim Hi-Bay 20.000 Lumens with just 145W!!!
2016: First compact size GU10 with 860 lumens with just 6.9 watt!!
2017: Ultra Performance Compact G4, 350 Lumens wit just 2.2W !!
2018: The First Miniature RGB Neon Flex with 700 Lumens.
2019: Worldwide the first explosion proof Neonflex.
2020: Manufacturing our first high efficiency multiport led driver.
2021: Manufacturing our first LED searchlight with narrow focus beam.